In Vitro Fertilization

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help patients learn more about the health of their embryo(s) and to know their chances for a successful pregnancy with IVF.  Preimplantation genetic testing involves identifying genetic defects within embryos created by in vitro fertilization. This is known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).  

With PGD embryos that are free of disease and genetic problems are implanted or frozen for later use.  PGD can tests for genetic disorders and can allow couples to have a healthy child. PGD should be considered for:

  • Women over 35
  • Carriers of sex-linked genetic disorders, chromosomal disorders or single gene disorders
  • Women who have suffered recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Couples who have failed other fertility treatments

Couples interested in PGD should make an appointment.  After the initial consult, couples meet with a genetic counselor to discuss personal and family medical history.  The doctor determines risk for a genetic disorder and can then proceed with a blood draw from both partners and a PGD protocol is put in place.

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