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Our Practice…

Pacific Reproductive Center has been successfully aiding conception for over two decades. We make it our duty to optimize all of the conditions of treatment in order to give every potential parent the greatest chance of successful childbirth.  We understand that each patient’s fertility journey is unique and we aim to deliver a customized and supportive patient experience with all of our patients.

PRC uses the latest evidence-based practices and technologies related to fertility treatment, so you can be assured when becoming a patient, that you will receive the best possible treatment.

What makes our centers truly stand out are our fully-licensed, state-of-the art surgical center with in-house labs.  We employ top physicians, embryologists and geneticists with years of experience in fertility treatments.  

Simply put, we put our patient’s needs first. At PRC we go above and beyond to help patients with understanding their circumstances, insurance coverage, and minimize costs. We have helped thousands of couples people fulfill the dream of creating families of their own.  We’d love to help you fulfill your dream.

Our Lab…

The IVF laboratory plays a crucial role in the success of infertility treatments. In the lab, a new baby’s life is initiated by first fertilizing the extracted egg with the collected sperm, and the resulting embryo is then transferred into the patient’s uterus.

Pacific Reproductive Center offers the most sophisticated laboratories outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with a large team of highly skilled embryologists and geneticists. Our embryologists and geneticists all have advanced degrees, most with a doctorate in their field of expertise. At PRC, our embryologists personally handle every step of a patient’s treatment plan.  Your procedure is in the best hands at all times with PRC. This is unique from some labs that employ technicians (with less training) to assist in the lab. As a result, these professionals possess superb skills in all aspects of IVF laboratory technologies.  

Pacific Reproductive Center is proud to be the first IVF center to offer in-house Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) in addition to our in-house Pre-implantation Genetic (PGD) lab, where the most advanced techniques are utilized to screen for genetic abnormalities and, in some cases, to identify and select a specific gender, if the family desires.  Having these labs within the center greatly minimizes the risk of misdiagnosis, reduces the cost and travel time for patients, and makes the timing of the treatment process more flexible and more manageable.

Our combination of advanced technologies along with the most skilled embryologists and geneticists deliver unsurpassed IVF laboratory services and the ability to achieve some of the highest pregnancy rates in the nation.

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Pacific Reproductive Center has been successfully aiding conception for over two decades. We optimize the conditions of fertility treatment to give every potential parent the greatest chance of successful childbirth.


We ensure that every patient fully understands their medical condition and treatment options available to them. We understand each patient is unique so we help guide you through the best option to support your own fertility journey.

Looking for the Best Fertility Clinic in Southern California?

Pacific Reproductive Center has four convenient locations throughout Southern California, making it easy for patients to receive quality care close to home. Each IVF fertility center has an on-site lab, next-generation services, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Whether in Glendale, Torrance, Irvine, or Corona, our world-class fertility doctors can help you build the family you’ve always wanted.

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