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The Cost of Fertility Treatment

Just as each infertility treatment plan is unique, so are the costs associated with treatment. All of our patients’ needs are different, and require procedures and medications tailored to them.   For each patient, we customize a treatment plan and provide financial options to make the dream of creating a family possible. During your consultation at PRC, our knowledgeable financial counselor will provide you with cost information for your custom treatment plan.  The cost of treatment varies based on treatments required and insurance coverage.

Financing Fertility Treatment

At PRC, we aim to make your fertility treatment affordable.  We do what we can to reduce financial stress related to fertility treatment by working with financing partners.  During your consultation at PRC, we can explain your options and help you find a loan program to cover the cost of your treatment.

Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment

Prior to your consultation at PRC, our team will ask for your insurance information so that we can confirm your insurance benefits before your visit.  During your first appointment, our patient coordinator will help you to understand your coverage and review your benefits.

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