Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

At Pacific Reproductive Center, we recognize the challenges many women face when deciding to build a family.

Creating an optimal home environment can take time. Achieving the personal, professional, and financial goals necessary to make child-rearing healthy and comfortable requires years of dedication. Very often, it isn’t until a woman reaches her early or mid-30s that she feels the time is right to have children. Unfortunately, this is exactly when fertility begins to decline. Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a solution that allows potential parents to delay childbirth until they are ready to welcome a new baby into their homes and lives.

Egg freezing is the process of extracting mature eggs from their follicles using an approach called transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. The eggs are suctioned from the follicles using a tool that is guided through the vaginal wall. The eggs are then immediately cooled to subzero temperatures using a rapid freezing technology called vitrification. The process can remove multiple eggs in a single cycle (ovulation induction through ovarian stimulation is typically required).

Once frozen, the eggs are stored until the potential parent is ready to proceed with the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, using the sperm from a partner or donor insemination. (If you have questions about sperm freezing, please contact our representatives for additional information.)

We offer the technological resources necessary to mitigate age-related fertility decline. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are located on-site so that we can initiate the necessary processes immediately. This eliminates the possibility of failures associated with transporting the eggs to other locations. Our advanced assisted reproductive technology at our fertility clinic in California empowers our patients with the tools they need to achieve successful pregnancies.

When is Egg Freezing Used?

Patients might choose to freeze their eggs for future fertility for a variety of reasons. They include:

  • Wanting to delay childbirth until emotionally, personally, and financially ready
  • Having a medical condition or abnormality that can cause future infertility
  • Wanting to preserve fertility before undergoing medical treatment – surgery, chemotherapy, etc. – that might compromise the reproductive ability
  • Having a family history of premature menopause
  • Wanting to donate eggs
  • Undergoing in vitro fertilization

Many patients opt for egg freezing if they seek to conceive a child with a future partner rather than a donor. Members of the LGBTQ community frequently elect to freeze eggs for future family-building.

What are the Benefits of Egg Freezing?

Preserving eggs for future conception significantly improves the chances of a successful pregnancy later in life as fertility diminishes. The eggs are fully preserved for the lifetime of the potential patient – they will not become less viable over time.

Women who have concerns about finding the right partner also elect to freeze their eggs. This provides the opportunity for future partners to fertilize the eggs and ultimately become the child’s biological parents.

Egg freezing is also an option for people with personal or ethical concerns about freezing embryos (fertilized egg).

Is Egg Freezing Right for Me?

If you want to preserve your fertility, egg freezing might be an excellent solution. The prime candidates are generally under 41 years of age.

At PRC, we will be more than happy to discuss your reproductive options and provide you with a comprehensive consultation.

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