Top 5 Questions About Intercourse When Trying to Conceive

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Sexual intercourse, for the purpose of conception, can leave you with many questions you wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.  These questions are normal, common, and important. 


Let’s dive right into the top 5 questions people have about intercourse when trying to conceive.

1. When are the best days to have sex when trying to conceive? 

Having sex every day of the month will not increase your chances of pregnancy. In fact, there is a small window of time each month that a woman’s body is able – often referred to as the fertile window. The fertile window is about 5 days prior to ovulation, but the highest chances occur when intercourse occurs on the day before ovulation and/or the day of ovulation. This is why it’s important to know how to detect your ovulation, or find out if you have any ovulatory problems.


 Click here to learn more about ovulation detection.


2. How often should I have sex during the fertile window, when trying to conceive?


It’s easy to suddenly question how often you should be having sex. Daily or every other day within your fertile window is perfect. Your fertile window is the few days leading up to ovulation, plus the day of ovulation. 


While there is physically nothing wrong with having sex at different times of the month, those times won’t end in a pregnancy and some couples begin to experience sexual “burnout”. It has been shown that for some couples, trying to have sex every day and/or multiple times a day can cause excessive stress. If daily intercourse is not natural to you and your partner, it can lead to performance anxiety and sexual dysfunction. 


3. Does position matter?

There is no evidence that sexual position makes any difference in chances of pregnancy or fertility. Choose what is best for you and your partner. 


4. How long should I wait to get up after sex?

While there’s no harm in remaining flat after intercourse, there is also no evidence to suggest that it will help. It takes only seconds for sperm to enter the cervical canal. Healthy sperm swim, regardless of the position of your body. There’s no benefit to remaining flat so choose what is comfortable for you. 


5. Should I use a lubricant?

Let’s bust a myth. Using lubricant does not improve chances of conception. However, there are some lubricants that can actually harm your chances. Both water and oil-based lubricants have been found to interfere with sperm motility. There are some “fertility-friendly” lubricants on the market. Visit our Resource Page for a fertility-friendly option. These will not help increase your chances, but rather, it will have minimal interference. 


When in Doubt

Asking questions about sex can feel a bit embarassing for some. Especially if it’s a question they feel they “should” know.  As you enter your fertility journey, there truly are no bad questions. Your doctors have heard them all. So if questions pop up, be sure to contact your doctor. They understand how overwhelming and confusing trying to conceive can actually be and they will guide you in the right direction. 


If you’ve been having difficulty trying to conceive and want to explore treatment options, contact us to schedule a consult.  

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