There are several factors that can impact your fertility, so the right time to see a specialist can vary for each individual.  Things to consider are your age, how long you’ve been trying to conceive, the frequency of your period, and your reproductive health history.  We put together a list of reasons to help you determine if it’s time to seek the help of a fertility doctor.

  1. You are under 35, have not used birth control for over 12 months or more and you have been actively trying to get pregnant.
  2. You are over 35, have not used birth control for 6 months or more, and you have been actively trying to get pregnant.
  3. You have an irregular period.  An irregular period means irregular ovulation, which will make it more difficult to conceive.
  4. You’ve experienced two or more miscarriages in the past.
  5. You have been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, or have a past history of a sexually transmitted disease.
  6. You have a history of toxin exposure, such as radiation or chemotherapy.
  7. Your primary care physician or OB-GYN recommended you see a specialist.
  8. The semen analysis completed on your partner came back abnormal.
  9. You and your partner are unable to participate in regular intercourse because of Erectile dysfunction or pain during intercourse. 
  10. You do not have a partner at this time and are considering fertility preservation. 

So how do you find the right fertility specialist in your area?  Here is a simple checklist of what to look for:

  • A well-established practice 
  • Years of experience treating infertility
  • High success rates
  • Advanced reproductive technologies utilized in the practice
  • Customized treatment plans for each patient
  • In-house laboratory services

At Pacific Reproductive Center, we offer all of this.  We have been creating families for over 25 years, using high-tech, advanced treatments and customized, compassionate care.  We’d love to connect with you and learn if we can help you build your family.

Contact us today at (866)-423-2645 or email us here

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